Sunday, February 13, 2011


We made some yummy sugar cookies for Valentines day and since we can't physically give you all some, I thought I'd share them here.  Does that mean we give you all our love without giving you the extra calories? 

I got the idea from the "how does she" blog.  I was going to show you some step by step pictures but blogger seems to be struggling a little with photo uploads at the moment.  I'll give you a quick run down so you can make some too if you so choose. :)

1) Make some yummy sugar cookies.  I used the recipe from HERE.  They ended up being crisp, which was recommended for this decorating type, but I wish they had been soft and chewy.

2) Make some Royal Icing.  I used the recipe from THIS post on Sweetopia.  .  It's the best royal icing I've ever tried. PLUS, if you search their awesome site, you will come across all kinds of great royal icing tips.  If you've never seen the Sweetopia page, you should go on over.  Her cookies are amazing!

3) Frost the cookie with your base color.  Then pick your secondary color and drop little dots all around the perimeter of your cookie. 

4)  Grab a tooth pick and drag it around....kind of like a dot to dot.   Let them dry over night before stacking them!  So cute and easy!

Happy Valentines Day!


Jessica said...

They look so amazing! Who knew it was that easy!

Jen said...

Oh Ash, those don't even look REAL!!

You are seriously my kitchen hero.

Christensen's said...

Such a cute idea! I will remember that for next year. You make it sound so simple. Did you have a hard time getting them to look so perfect?

Lexi said...

I stole your technique and made some fun spring cookies for General Conference. I'll have to send you a picture.