Sunday, October 23, 2011

Corn Maze

There's this great farm in the next town over that does some fun activities in the fall.  They have rubber ducky racing, a giant jumping pillow, a petting zoo, a hay ride, a corn maze, tether ball, and pig racing.  They even have the tallest swing set EVER and a large pile of sand, which was a big hit with J.  (I love when kids have the most fun with the simple a pile so sand :)

We are glad that Z got to come along with us!  I hope his parents aren't too mad that we kept him out until 9:30...and told him ghost stories while walking through a dark corn maze.   oops!

Friday, October 14, 2011

What's New?

I cannot believe it's OCTOBER!  Where has the summer gone?  It feels like it should be the beginning of September to me.  Perhaps losing track of time is what happens when life is cRaZy busy?

If you are at all curious about what on Earth is keeping us so busy these's:
Work (for MBH and myself)
School (for MBH and the little one)
Babysitting the neighbors
and Well, everyday life (do I really need to elaborate
on the time consuming nature of everyday life?:)

Did you know that last February I got a job?   I didn't get just any old job though.
It's pretty much the best job in the whole world!
 (with the exception of my job as "mom & wife" of course.)

It's only about 10 hours a week.
I get to make my own schedule.
It's only 1 block away from my house.
I have some awesome co-workers.
I get to order scrapbook supplies and make paper CRAFTS!

Am I lucky or what?

MBH has been super busy at work and doing GrEaT in school. 
We are hoping he'll graduate this spring. Hallelujah!  Please keep your fingers X'ed! :)

And then there's the little guy.  He's doing fantastic and is cute as ever.  We (mostly me)
were a little unsatisfied with our local elementary school last year so, after much thought and prayer, we decided to make some big changes for 1st grade.

Yes, you read the board right!  We are officially a home schoolin' family. 

The program is amazing.  It is done through our school district and is FREE. 
They gave me everything I could possibly need (teacher manuals, student work books,
and a whole bunch of support materials and extras).
They even offer group classes so we get to spend P.E., Choir, and Art with
 about 30 other kids. 

Some days I think I've officially gone crazy but it's actually been great.  I LOVE having
some extra time to spend with J.  Kids grow up so stinkin fast and I'm glad I get to
have him around for a while longer.  :)

ay ay ay

I feel that there definitely aren't enough hours in a day!  But, we are blessed to keep busy.
I've been dreaming of all kinds of blog posts that I want to do so if I can get myself
a bit more organized, I'll be spending more time here than on FB (I've outgrown it I think) so
PLEASE check back and chat with me so I don't feel so lonely!